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More on buying unmeasurable media

Mary from the movie Blood Night encouraging college students to ditch class and cause mayhem.

Seth Godin wrote yesterday about measurable media vs. unmeasurable media. He touched on two important points:

One school of thought is to measure everything. If you can’t measure it, don’t do it. This is the direct marketer method and there’s no doubt it can work.

There’s another thought, though: Most businesses (including your competitors) are afraid of big investments in unmeasurable media. Therefore, if you have the resources and the guts, it’s a home run waiting to be hit.

He then went on to offer two things you should never do:

  1. Try to measure unmeasurable media and use that to make decisions. You’ll get it wrong. Sure, some sophisticated marketers get good hints from their measurements, but it’s still an art, not a science.
  2. Compromise on your investment. Small investments in unmeasurable media almost always fail. Go big or stay home.

As a college marketing agency, we live in a world of experiential media, guerilla marketing, and non-traditional tactics that are really difficult to measure. The college market tends to be a sandbox where marketers are allowed to play, create, and try new things. Whether they succeed or fail, most brands enjoy the process and come away learning something valuable.

Sometimes, the wrong brands want to come and play. They tiptoe in with good intentions, but end up with a strategy that is watered down because of unrealistic goals, rigid rules, and an uncontrollable urge to do the safest thing.

If you are extremely risk adverse, there is a safer sandbox with traditional options that exist for you. But if you want to do something fun and different, be prepared to step outside your comfort zone and ruffle some feathers. Be prepared to fail, but also be prepared to win.

Examples: Here, here, and here.

Burglar Marketing

The Presurfer highlighted a Chilean ADT home security company that used spring loaded paper boxes to make people think there had been an intruder in their home. The paper box is slid under the door flat, and a rubber band inside expands it into shape. The only text on the box was said to have been: “Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think.” Well done. Creepy, but well done.


Good marketing?
Burglar Marketing


What’s your take? Does this door-to-door marketing strategy cross the line?

Horror Movie Marketing Tactics

Mary Hatchet visits bars on campus.
Mary Hatchet visits bars on campus.

During the month of October, “Blood Night – The Legend of Mary Hatchet” will come alive around college campuses. We have implemented some unusual movie marketing tactics to create a Halloween buzz for the movie and the existing legend, such as blood stain sidewalk stencils, chalking, and poster/flier drops on and off campus, including at dorms and sororities. Models of Mary Hatchet are walking around campuses in character with full makeup during night and day classes to hand out fliers about the movie. The movie promotion will run during the month of October and drive students to www.bloodnightmovie.com

Student comments about Mary Hatchet campus visit:

“I love slasher movies.  I’ll be sure to check it out.”
“Holy-S##t!  You scared the living S##t out of me!”
“What a great stunt!”
“I love the costume!”
“Now that is totally creepy looking.”
“That is awesome.  I need to get a picture of you.”
“That’s really creepy.”
“You are freaking me out.  I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“I would have never expected to see something like you on campus.”
“Great way to get someone’s attention.”
“The creepiest part is the fact that you aren’t talking.”
“Thanks.  Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”
“I saw the ads on campus.  Nice touch.”
“That is some creepy ass s@@t!

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Cool Sidewalk Advertising Tactics

College marketers are breaking free of the back-to-school clutter and creating buzz with sidewalk advertising on and around campus. It’s not a new concept, but displaying your brand or seeding a new student targeted campaign with sidewalk ads is a fun way to add to your marketing mix. Here are some of the options available. *Please note that not all of the images below reflect work done by Campus Media.

Keep in mind, the installation of sidewalk ads is usually done ambush style – meaning permission from the school is not usually sought. If you keep it respectful and don’t damage property, much of it is tolerated, and backlash is rare. In some cases, permission can be gained by working directly with student groups or negotiating placement outside local businesses just off campus. If you go the permission route, expect slightly longer lead times and a nominal negotiation fee.

For more information on custom media installations, contact us at 952-854-3100 or info [at] campusmediagroup.com.

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