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Halloween spending on campus

College_PumpkinSome spooky stats from the National Retail Federation predict that Halloween spending will jump to $5.8 billion this year with the typical adult spending $66.28 — up $10 from last year.

148 million (64% of us) will celebrate Halloween somehow, with 72% planning to pass out candy, 50% decorating their home or yard, and 46% carving a pumpkin. They’ll spend the most on costumes ($23.37), followed by candy ($20.29), decorations ($18.66) and greeting cards ($3.95).

The college crowd, as usual, are the most likely to get their spook on, with 69.4% of 18-to-24-year-olds planning to dress up, 55.4% either throwing or attending a party, and 38.6% planning to visit a haunted house.

College kids will be attending parties and dressing up. Don’t count out a lot of decorations at the popular Frats and sororities either.

Retailers looking to cash in on college student Halloween spending might want to consider the top 20 college newspaper Halloween Issues.

These school’s papers offer a reach of 400,000+.

We can get your ads placed, so contact us today.

  • California State Univ-Fresno
  • College of Dupage
  • Kansas State Univ
  • Kent State Univ-Kent Campus
  • Old Dominion Univ
  • Rutgers Univ-New Brunswick/Piscataway
  • Shoreline Community College
  • Southern Methodist Univ
  • Stanford Univ
  • SUNY at Binghamton
  • Tulane Univ of Louisiana
  • Univ of California-Irvine
  • Univ of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Univ of Kentucky
  • Univ of Louisville
  • Univ of Miami
  • Univ of Nebraska at Lincoln
  • Univ of North Florida
  • Univ of Texas at El Paso
  • West Virginia Univ

The Process of Building Your Recruitment Brand

I presented the 16 Tools to Build Your Brand and Recruit the Very Best at the NACE National Conference last week. Before we begin discussing each of the points from that presentation, I wanted to give an overview on our strategic process to recruiting so you have a frame of reference.

Campus Media has an internal philosophy about the process needed to be successful with recruitment marketing and advertising. Below is a diagram of the process, but let me explain each of these parts for you.

Campus Media's Strategic ProcessWe see a great deal of companies who look at the college market and start their marketing play with “we want to do ‘x’ or ‘y,'” but haven’t thought through what effect it will have on your organization. Many approach their brand building by doing the same things year after year. With how quickly things are changing these days, it’s  important to be conscious of each step and determine what the net effect is going to be before you start and execute your recruitment plan. Then start the process all over again for your next initiative. This process can be used annually or semi-annual depending on your budget and planning cycles. More often is better than not due to how fast the student mind-sets are changing these days. The economy is having a strong effect on this too. Two years ago a recruitment brand strategy was very different than it is today.

Let’s break apart each step:

1. Company – This is what you more than likely already have in place. It’s what your business, department, etc. has defined as who you are, why you do what you do as a company, what you want your consumers to think of your brand, your key competitive advantages and products.

2. Customer – In a recruitment context the customer is the student you are looking to influence/hire. You need to define what your consumer think of you. Most of the time your brand view doesn’t align with what the public thinks your brand is. This is where research comes in to play. What does the customer think your competitive advantages are? Why do they buy or want to work from you? What do you offer that others don’t? What’s your brand mean versus your competition? If your “Company” elements above don’t align with the “Customer’s” way of thinking and what’s important to them, then your campaign will not likely achieve the goals set out for the program that’s being developed.

3. Planning and Strategy – This stage is where the 16 tools start to come together and your ROI is developed. What message will you use? Where will the message be located? Do you need to make changes to how your teams are dressed or what they talk about when interacting with the students? When does your marketing happen? How does it help effect the disconnect that likely exists between stages 1 and 2 above? Do you need to make changes to your website or Facebook page or YouTube channel or handouts or booth design or videos or…or…or…? Run through everything to ensure each tool you use is on message and in the right places to cause the shift needed in your consumer’s mindset about your brand/company.

4. Execution – This is the “get it done” stage. Execute on the brand message, website strategies, on campus events, speaking, career fairs, social media, etc.

5. 20/20 – In this stage, take a look at what went well… or poorly. Do your follow up consumer research to see if your goals/objectives outlined in the planning and strategy stage occurred. What did you learn? Did you hire the students you expected to hire? Why or why not? In essence, you should be able to define if you hit the ROI elements you outlined in phase 3.

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Campus Advertising with SportBoards

SportBoards on campus
SportBoards also contain information about intramural sports and fitness class schedules.

Campus advertising just got easier for national brands. SportBoards are placed in high-traffic areas on campus such as fitness and recreational centers. National brands now have the ability to reach active and health-conscious college students through a channel that is university approved!

Your 21″x31″ ad is placed with info and announcements relevant to intramural sports, aerobics and fitness class schedules, and other campus activities. All production setup and costs are included in a network package, saving you time and money.

SportBoards like this are located in campus recreation & fitness centers

SportBoards by the numbers

  • 200 major campuses nationally
  • Reach: 10 million+ impressions per posting
  • 2.7 million college youth

Custom product sampling opportunities also exist inside the recreation and fitness centers. Be sure to ask us how you can get your product sample in the hands of millions of students in a controlled environment.

Click here or call 952-854-3100 ext. 214 today to request a list of campuses, posting periods, and pricing options.

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4 Student Email Advertising Tips

Name Recognition – Let’s face it: There is a lot of email out there. A new brand with little name recognition is going to face an uphill battle catching the eye of a student scanning his inbox. The right subject line can help overcome this, but it is difficult. Work on building name recognition first, and build your own internal list of customers (fans). Major retailers, fast-food chains, or other blue chip companies have an advantage in the name game and can make it work for them immediately.

Student Email AdvertisingTiming – Think about students and their lifestyle. The majority of them are connected all the time, meaning they could see your email anytime. However, pairing what they might be doing with your business can help increase your open and click-through rates. Time that pizza delivery offer for when students are cramming for finals. Happy Hour or entertainment offers usually have more success when delivered later in the week, when students are planning for the weekend.

Targeting – The direct marketing world is filled with valuable data now. We believe that the more targeted you become, the more relevancy you achieve. Our clients have the ability to target students by zip code, race, school, age, and even their major!

Be Memorable – It’s easy to overcomplicate a promotion: too many hurdles; too many restrictions. In order for an offer to be successful, it needs to be memorable. For example, “30% off any item in the store or online” or “Buy 1 – Get 1” are both memorable. Being memorable makes it easy for students to share it with friends, too.

For more information on student email advertising, or to request a count for your project, contact us here.

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