Peer Recruitment On Campus

At the recent NACE 2011 conference, attendees heard over and over again that the 40- or 50-something recruiter doesn’t connect to students in the same way that a recent grad who works at the company can. The younger recruiters are seen more as “peers” who can better address the process of looking for and interviewing for a job these days.

I am not discounting the importance of a senior member of your staff being involved with campus recruiting. Their years of wisdom and knowledge of the company are key to sharing stories and showing stability within your organization. What I am saying is be sure to bring along your company’s 20-something recruiter who can cue into the little nuances of today’s college student. It does make a difference to the students and will help your company stand out at the career fairs you are putting so much money and time into. Try it, and let us know how it goes.

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1 thought on “Peer Recruitment On Campus

  1. Better yet, bring along someone who graduated a year or two ago from the same school and with the same major as the people you’re interviewing this year. If you’re hiring engineers, bring an engineer who graduated from the same school or at least has a tie to the same geographic area. That way, the engineering students will be able to ask the engineering recent grad questions about the work they are actually doing and get correct answers. No matter how good the recruiter is, they’ll never know the answers as well as someone who is actually doing the work.

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