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Marketing planning tool when a college degree matters

This is a screenshot from an interactive map from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

This tool will allow you to view by date all adults with college degrees in the United States. This tool can help you identify markets and demographics that are important to your marketing/advertising strategies. As you see, you can gather analysis by wealth, gender, and race. You can also click on any specific county for it’s individual stats.

This interactive map could be beneficial to enrollment marketing and recruitment advertising efforts.

U.S. college degree holders

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How NOT to advertise in a bathroom

Saw this ad the other day and wanted to use an eye wash station. If you are considering bathroom advertising for your business, this is a good example of what NOT to do.

bathroom advertising

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Grooming Instruction for Youth (1948)

The things said in the first few minutes of this film are astonishing. I mean, could you imagine the complex you’d have if this was shown to you in school?

Here is an exhaustive (and highly sexist) explanation of personal care and daily habits of cleanliness, demonstrating how to keep the skin, hair, nails, and teeth clean and healthy.

Our favorite line from the narrator: “”You don’t seem to be exactly the type to make this guy behave like a human being…”

Partially filmed at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. in 1948. Geared towards a youth audience.

It’s our video of the week.

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Max Headroom: Cyberpunk Mystery

This is the original airing of Max Headroom Pirating Incident on WTTW Chicago during a broadcast of Dr. Who. This was one of two television hijackings that took place on this day in 1987. Earlier in the evening on the same day, during the Nine O’Clock News on WGN-TV Channel 9, Max Headroom broke in and interrupted the sportscast.

The people behind the stunt were never caught, and who did it remains a mystery today.

Coke jumped on the incident with this commercial, and I’m pretty sure Jim Carrey got famous mimicking him.

Was this one of the biggest PR stunts in the history of television or the work of some modern day airwave pirates out to prove a point? Whatever it was, it got us talking and was sorta creepy.