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Information on media channels and marketing tactics that reach students on campus.

Blackboard Back-to-School Move-In Teams

This fall, Campus Media Group coordinated Move-In Teams at 4 campuses for Blackboard during Back-to-School.

As a company, Blackboard’s goal is to work with colleges and universities to engage students in exciting new ways, reaching them on their terms and devices — connecting more effectively, keeping students informed and involved. So it was only appropriate they hit the pavement and get in front of those students offering whatever assistance the students might need during the ever exciting and chaotic Move-In Day. The teams were on hand all day at every dorm with cool bottles of Blackboard branded water bottles to help students and parents alike. Needless to say, they were very popular, and it was a great way to educate incoming students and parents about the resources Blackboard offered at their campus.

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I remember my Move-In day like it was yesterday. It was August in Bloomington, IN (Read: It was 100 degrees). Briscoe dorm did not have air conditioning (Read: It felt like 200 degrees), only had one elevator for all 500 odd students and had a pretty serious lady bug infestation that seemed to be most aggressive in the stairwells (Read: It was my ‘Nam). Sure would have been nice if some folks came to my rescue and perhaps offered to lift some heavy boxes and give me a cool beverage. Just sayin’.

If you are looking to reach students during move-in, there are a lot of fun options. Contact us today. Lead time for a move-in promotion is about 6-8 weeks depending on the tactics used.

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Intrepid Travel increases travel sales with college marketing campaign

Intrepid_Travel_LogoAfter having little success with previous marketing efforts on campus, Intrepid Travel contacted us to develop a new approach to marketing to students and deliver some real results.  Intrepid provides global adventure travel focusing on small group adventure travel. They help their travelers experience real people, real cultures in incredible locations like Egypt, Bangkok, Thailand, New Zealand, Africa, and roughly 100 other countries.

Challenge: Convince college students to travel with other young adults to alternative trip locations that they might not otherwise consider.

Campaign Goals:   (1) Promote and give away a 13-day trip for two to Chile and Argentina.  (2) Increase new trip sales among students 18-24. (3) Increase brand awareness of Intrepid Travel to college students.

Media challenge: Utilize media that college students consume to share the opportunity for unique travel – all on a limited budget.

Sample Facebook ads used in campaign

Campaign Reach: Promoted on 32 colleges and universities across the U.S. in the spring of 2011. Total enrollment of all schools involved was 864,000+.

Media used: Targeted student email blasts, Facebook ads, and college newspaper inserts

Campaign Message: “Find a bigger world in smaller places…”


  • Increased Facebook “Likes” 265% over the duration of the campaign
  • Delivered a 891% increase of leads for their “Enter-to-Win” trip program
  • Increased new travel bookings 155% from the previous year

“Over the years we tried varied tactics to reach the college market with no success. We worked with Campus Media to develop our Spring campaign and saw the best results we’ve ever seen for this segment and blew all of our KPI’s away!” – Gina Kelly, Intrepid Travel

*** View College Newspaper Insert Sample here

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Case Study: Amethyst Jeans 2011 College Campus Tour

This Fall during back-to-school we coordinated an 11 campus tour for Amethyst Jeans. Here are the facts and what we learned.

Goal: Get 11,000 college girls to “Like” the Amethyst Facebook page and give away 600 pairs of jeans at each campus.

Notable Successes:

  • The Amethyst brand had potential reach of 298,000 students at 11 campuses.
  • Amethyst averaged 1,084 Facebook “Likes” from new female college fans.
  • More than 6,000 pairs of jeans were given away free to students who may not have ever considered this denim brand.
  • Countless other giveaways were given to students who met Amethyst along the tour.
  • The brand garnered media buzz during the tour from college and mainstream media.
  • Amethyst benefited from increased brand image by giving away stylish clothing to cash-strapped students who need it!


  • Students were given a scratch card after they “Liked” the FB page. That card indicated if they won jeans or a secondary prize like a tote bag or a t-shirt. Make sure your secondary prizes are quality and worth the long wait in line.
  • Be prepared to address angry students on social media who didn’t win the main prize at your event. Amethyst did a great job of responding to the few students who didn’t win jeans and complained about it on Facebook.
  • Pick schools that have a good location near the main traffic areas of campus (i.e. dorms, Student Union, major lecture halls, etc.). If you have a vehicle, note that not all schools have a good place for you.
  • Have something to entertain the students waiting in line. We didn’t expect the crowds to be at the levels we saw. Some students waited for more than 1 hour to get to the Jean Machine. Having a street team interact with them can help make the time go by faster.
  • The largest state schools were the hardest to book for this tour. The bigger the school, the more red tape and hoops you have to jump through. Consider smaller colleges. They get less attention from brands and are much more welcoming when hosting an event on campus for you.
  • Have a back-up list of places you can stop along the tour. You never know when a school may pull the plug on your event at the last-minute.
  • A small % of people are going to unlike your Facebook page after getting the deal. Sometimes this happens right away, but it could also happen over time. Be sure to keep them engaged after the event to reduce attrition.
  • Schools not part of the tour took noticed and the students were jealous. Have an extension of your event happening online so those not part of the physical event can still participate online and win!

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Amethyst Jeans 2011 College Campus Tour

Campus Media Group coordinated a 2011 college tour for Connecticut based premium junior denim brand, Amethyst Jeans that will kick off and give away free jeans and swag in its home state at the University of Connecticut on September 12, 2011.

The one-of-a-kind Jean Machine, a 25-foot, bright pink customized truck, is loaded with jeans and other promotional swag. With multiple tours under its belt, including two years with the Vans Warped Tour, as well as the Varsity cheerleading and dance competitions, Amethyst Jeans is excited to bring its latest tour to college campuses during the month of September in celebration of back-to-school.

With event management and school based advertising support handled through Campus Media Group, The Jean Machine will be rolling through college campuses over the next month giving away thousands of free Amethyst Jeans and swag bags to those lucky college students who stop by and check out what’s new with Amethyst Jeans. You can follow the Jean Machine’s every move on Amethyst Jeans’ Facebook ( and Twitter(@AmethystJeans) as well as get the latest in Amethyst Jeans news, free jean giveaways and denim trends.

College Campus Tour Schedule:
Monday, September 12th – University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)
Wednesday, September 14th – University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PN)
Friday, September 16th – University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC)
Monday, September 19th – Clemson University (Clemson, SC)
Wednesday, September 21st – Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, TN)
Friday, September 23rd – Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond, KY)
Monday, September 26th – Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)
Wednesday, September 28th – Illinois State University (Normal, IL)
Friday, September 30th – Ball State University (Muncie, IN)
Monday, October 3rd – Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI)
Wednesday, October 5th – University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)

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