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The future of newspapers vs. the future of news

It’s now conventional wisdom that newspapers are dying, and the only debate left is when, not if.  According to this recent predictionextra, extra by futurist Ross Dawson, in the U.S. we’re looking at roughly 2017.  But what does that mean exactly?  It certainly doesn’t mean the death of news, just a change in the form we consume it.  What does that mean for news organizations?  On these questions, the future is a bit murkier.

People are demanding and consuming more news that ever, through a plethora of sources both on and offline.  Free papers such as alternative weeklies and college newspapers are still maintaining high levels of readership while paid circ continues to drop.  Much of what you find online is repackaged and recycled news that is still being assembled by your local fish wrap factories, despite their declines.  How journalism is supported as a business as eyeballs move online is the fundamental problem the industry will continue to wrestle with over the next few years.  Advertising will continue to be a part of the business model, but paid premium content, micropayments, online/tablet subscriptions and other revenue sources should increasingly become a part of the mix as traditional print ad revenue falls.

Are you with a college newspaper, or an alternative weekly? What have you been doing to stay relevant and prevent your eulogy from being written?

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Top 15 College Newspapers for Reaching Black Students

College Newspaper Advertising Services

Campus Media Group is a leader in college marketing and campus newspaper advertising. Many moons ago, we actually got our start placing ads in college newspapers for today’s top brands. Over the years, marketing trends have come and gone. College newspapers remain a vital part of most college marketing campaigns we see. Brands that get it right invest in college newspaper ads that run during the entire semester rather than placing one ad and hoping for the best. This brand building creates awareness and trust among today’s skeptical college crowd who are marketed to all the time.  More than 1,800 college newspapers can be publishing in any given year. Breaking this down into a manageable list of schools that are right for your company can take time and be a bit overwhelming. We are here to help you navigate through these newspapers and highlight the top college newspapers in different categories.

Today, we have listed the Top 15 HBCU college newspapers in the U.S. If you are interested in reaching campuses with a high enrollment of African American college students, this campus newspaper list offers a potential reach of more than 120,000 black students.

If you are interested in having us place advertising in these papers for you, contact us here.

PANTHER – Clark Atlanta Univ (Atlanta, GA)

THE FAMUAN – Florida Agricultural & Mechanical Univ (Tallahasse, FL)

GRAMBLINITE – Grambling State Univ (Grambling, LA)

HAMPTON SCRIPT Hampton Univ (Hampton, VA)

HILLTOP – Howard Univ (Washington, DC)

BLUE & WHITE FLASH – Jackson State Univ (Jackson, MS)

MAROON TIGER – Morehouse College (Atlanta, GA)

SPOKESMAN – Morgan State Univ          (Baltimore, MD)

SPARTAN ECHO – Norfolk State Univ (Norfolk, VA)

REGISTER – North Carolina A & T State Univ(Greensboro, NC)

CAMPUS ECHO – North Carolina Central Univ (Durham, NC)

PANTHER – Prairie View A & M Univ (Prairie View, TX)

SOUTHERN DIGEST – Southern Univ A & M College (Baton Rouge, LA)

THE METER – Tennessee State Univ (Nashville, TN)

THE NEWS ARGUS – Winston-Salem State Univ (Winston-Salem, NC)

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Helping students deal with grief

PSA ad for Students of AMF
PSA ad for Students of AMF

Campus Media has launched a national PSA campaign for National Students of AMF on major campuses nationwide. Every year Campus Media selects one organization that has an important cause or message to share with students, and helps that organization get PSA placement in some of the nation’s top college newspapers free of charge.

National Students of AMF is dedicated to supporting college students coping with the illness or death of a loved one. The goal of this campaign is to help students to start chapters of Students of AMF on their campus and reach out to students dealing with grief support.

If you want to help this organization by running their PSA in your publication, please contact us today. To learn more, visit TalkAboutLoss.org. To see their recent visit to the Today Show, click here.

A BIG thanks for Crate for being our creative partner on this.

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