Open Communication in Recruitment

Career Center Student Assistants
Career Center Student Assistants at Johns Hopkins University.

At the recent NACE 2011 conference, I had the pleasure of hearing great discussions about how career centers and corporate recruiters can work together better. One great idea we discussed was having a better communication model for corporate recruiters and career centers that looks like a basic corporate hierarchy. In addition to names and titles at companies or career center staff, it would also include a short description of who is responsible for what as it relates to recruiting or marketing on the campus.

For example, a career center director might be in charge of alternative marketing opportunities available through the career center in addition to managing career fairs or scheduling on-campus interviews. A career center office manager might also oversee job postings and updating company literature and premium items for their students.

Alternatively, a recruiter from a company would provide the career center with a list of the two or three people within their organization who the career center can contact for various updates throughout the school year. Some key people a career center may need to speak to at your company could be the head of recruitment, the lead recruiter assigned to that campus, and someone in your communications or design department with access to company logos and company overviews.

Communication between career center and company should be transparent and easy to understand. Starting here will create a clearer understanding of each other’s business and develop cohesiveness when planning a successful campus recruitment season.

Is your school or company currently using a communication structure like this for on-campus recruiting? What other tips do you have for those involved with student recruitment?What other tips do you have for those involved with student recruitment?

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