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Subway Breakfast Promotion on Campus


For back-to-school, Campus Media helped  Subway make sure students  got a good breakfast. We organized  street team promotions on college campuses throughout the Midwest to promote Subway’s new “Brinner” (breakfast right through dinner) campaign and  to drive store traffic and trial of their new breakfast menu items. During the morning hours, energetic street team staff, wearing “Ask Me About Bacon”  T-shirts, distributed thousands of Subway coupon cards to students over two days.

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Retail Marketing & Fashion with Polyvore

We’ve been helping our clients expand their presence with social media sites like Facebook. Through this, we have come across some very cool platforms, applications, and add-ons. One of the sites we like for the retail world is Polyvore.com. Clothing retailers and brands should be learning all they can about them and how to incorporate them into your site and social networking strategies. Look at their app for Facebook.

Polyvore defines themselves this way:

Express your style.

Mix & match products from your favorite stores.

Shop looks created by the web’s largest fashion community.

This is what it looks like –
She's walking down the street, Blind to every eye she meets..Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

She’s walking down the street, Blind to every eye she meets.. by maya3857 featuring Oasis bags

What does the site do? Polyvore allows people to create “sets” of clothes from different brands. The user/designer of the set is then able to add the set to their blog, share the set with the Polyvore community, buy the products in the set, and in the end, develop followers of the designers of the sets. It’s like having a virtual changing room with all of your favorite clothes from different designers in one place allowing you to mix and match.

Who should be on the site? Clothing brands of all kinds

Why should you be there? Thought leaders in fashion are engaging in the site. It’s primarily women right now.

Who develops the sets? Individual fashion enthusiasts and brands alike.

How to get involved? Contact us and we can help you out.  You can also sign up via their site.

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Nonverbal communifashion

Our friends at the The Commonwealth Times at Virginia Commonwealth University have created a good video that gives us a glimpse of some fashion trends on their campus. Campus Media has always stuck to our mantra that the college market is not homogeneous and that danger lurks for brands that make assumptions on GenY as a whole based on observations of a small few. However, there is value in looking and listening to college youth on the street to gain insight and understanding.  This video does that in regards to fashion and reminds us that youth fashion is an outward expression of how they feel on the outside. Where they shop and dress is almost a kind of nonverbal communication. Communifashion.

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Back-to-school Bounce Back?

trio_kids_28_smallLast year, teenagers were probably dumbfounded when they set out to get summer jobs and found few to choose from; 2008 had the lowest teen employment rate in 60 years. It’s a pretty good assumption that this summer will be just as bad, if not worse. This means less money for teens to spend at our nation’s malls. A recent report by Piper Jaffery & Co. said teens have cut their clothing budgets by 14% in the past six months. Will this trend continue into the back-to-school buying season? This cut in spending should remind us that teens have the ability to prioritize their purchases, and some brands are going to lose out. But don’t be too quick to think that it’s all based on price. Teens will still drop $120 on a pair of jeans if they think they have to have them. They’ll just make up for it somewhere else. This reality is already making back-to-school planning a challenge. So, what should youth brand marketers do?

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