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New music that inspires great youth marketing

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Charlotte Gainsburg

Music has an ability to inspire. Youth marketers often need inspiration to come up with cool new ways to connect with youth. These songs should do just that. While some of these recommendations are not necessarily from new artists, their recent releases are worthy of attention and some blog love.

Vampire Weekend – White Sky.  Vampire Weekend was a much buzzed about band even before their debut studio album was released in 2008. The popularity of these Columbia University graduates has only continued to grow, with their latest release, Contra, debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts – quite an accomplishment. It’s hard to single out just one track, but “White Sky” is the latest single getting airplay and a great example of their upbeat, afro-pop sound. If you like this, pick up the entire album – it’s well worth it.

College Music & Marketing

Spoon – I Saw the Light. This Austin, TX band has been around for well over a decade, but they continue to churn out albums of critical praise. It’s hard for me to say that their latest album Transference lives up to their previous effort, the polished pop of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, but is definitely worth of the attention it has been receiving from fans and critics alike. And it’s clear that the album has a different approach than its predecessor. Transference is much more stripped down and raw, even disjointed at times. But it’s all intentional, and all part of why it works. Again, it’s hard to pick out just one track but “I Saw the Light” is representative of the album as a whole and feels like classic Spoon.

Broken Bells – The High Road. Broken Bells is a new project from super-producer Danger Mouse (of Gnarls Barkley) and indie-rock band The Shin’s lead singer James Mercer. “The High Road” is the only track that’s been officially released thus far, but there have been numerous tracks leaked online (the entire album set for release on March 9th). Typical of Danger Mouse projects, Broken Bells don’t seem to fit neatly into a specific genre. The single has apparent influences from The Shins but with an injection of experimental, computerized soul.

College Music & Marketing
Matt Morris

Matt Morris – Someone to Love You. It helps to have friends in high places, and singer-songwriter Matt Morris knows that all too well. He got his start back in the early ‘90s on The Mickey Mouse Club, alongside such stars as Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera and has since gone on to write songs for both. Timberlake also signed Morris on to his label, Tennman Records, which released his Morris’s debut album last month. He recently got major screen time performing a stirring rendition of “Hallelujah”, a duet with JT naturally, on the Hope for Haiti Now telethon. It was a good choice of songs too, as Morris’s style evokes that of the late, great Jeff Buckley (who arguably does the best cover of “Hallelujah), especially on the recommended track “Someone to Love You”.

Sade – Soldier of Love. It’s been a full decade since Sade released their previous album, and this proves that good things come to those who wait. The first single (and title track) off the album is this gem. There’s a lot going on sonically in this song – from the marching band drum line, to the horns, to the guitar, both rock and flamenco – so you’re never quite sure what is coming next. But of course it’s Sade’s laidback, sultry voice that takes center stage, providing a welcome contrast to the song’s urgency.

College Music & Marketing
Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids – Audience. I was a fan of the Cold War Kids’ soulful indie rock since I first heard single “Hang Me out to Dry” in 2008, but their follow up album left a little something to be desired (save for one or two catchy singles). “Audience” comes from the four-song EP Behave Yourself issued earlier this year, in which the band shows that they have found their groove again. The single brings back more of the “barroom piano” and foot stomping beats sound. I’m happy to see that their more soulful side is back after their darker sophomore album.

Neon Trees – Animal. Neon Trees is an indie-rock band hailing from Provo, UT. They have gotten national exposure by touring with The Killers, but their first major label record won’t be released until March 23rd. Clearly The Killers have been an influence. Neon Tree’s sound is new wave-y synth-pop but with rock intensity. The danceable lead single, “Animal”, exudes high energy and glossy production. In the words of the band themselves, I want some more.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Heaven Can Wait. Charlotte Gainsbourg’s latest album IRM (the French term for the MRI scan) comes after the French actress/singer had emergency surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage. The title track from the album even incorporates the sounds of the brain scan, an interesting concept that actually works. But what made me tune in is that her latest album was written and produced by Beck, and it definitely shows. Beck even sings along in the toe-tapping first single “Heaven Can Wait”.

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Horror Movie Marketing Tactics

Mary Hatchet visits bars on campus.
Mary Hatchet visits bars on campus.

During the month of October, “Blood Night – The Legend of Mary Hatchet” will come alive around college campuses. We have implemented some unusual movie marketing tactics to create a Halloween buzz for the movie and the existing legend, such as blood stain sidewalk stencils, chalking, and poster/flier drops on and off campus, including at dorms and sororities. Models of Mary Hatchet are walking around campuses in character with full makeup during night and day classes to hand out fliers about the movie. The movie promotion will run during the month of October and drive students to www.bloodnightmovie.com

Student comments about Mary Hatchet campus visit:

“I love slasher movies.  I’ll be sure to check it out.”
“Holy-S##t!  You scared the living S##t out of me!”
“What a great stunt!”
“I love the costume!”
“Now that is totally creepy looking.”
“That is awesome.  I need to get a picture of you.”
“That’s really creepy.”
“You are freaking me out.  I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“I would have never expected to see something like you on campus.”
“Great way to get someone’s attention.”
“The creepiest part is the fact that you aren’t talking.”
“Thanks.  Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”
“I saw the ads on campus.  Nice touch.”
“That is some creepy ass s@@t!

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5 messaging tips when talking to youth

I remember school dances back in junior high and desperately hoping to be noticed by the cute girls in my class…okay any girl in my class. My methods were pathetic and usually involved rolling my Girbaud jeans too tight, over-applying my older brother’s Drakkar Noir, and attempting the “running man” on the dance floor as the DJ played Bell Biv DeVoe. I was broadcasting myself – open to anyone who was in the market for some Bakker. Had I honed the message I was broadcasting instead of trying too hard to be noticed, I may not have played the wall the entire night – a tough lesson to learn as a 7th-grader.

Some brands still haven’t learned that lesson and sometimes talk to youth in the same way. They try too hard. When creating messaging for a youth audience, your copy needs to be concise and deliberately crafted. When advertising reads like the brand is holding a megaphone, it sounds disingenuous and turns us off. I will admit, my working experience with copywriting doesn’t run too deep, but I have seen a lot of ads targeted to millennials. Here are 5 tips for youth copywriting I wrote for Ypulse readers this month.

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Youth Marketing: Join a Fresh Conversation!

Register for the Ypulse Youth Marketing Mashup
Register for the Ypulse Youth Marketing Mashup

We are excited to be a part of The Ypulse Youth Marketing Mashup June 1-2 in San Francisco, and have negotiated a special savings for you to join us at this conference-it’s an annual gathering of the best and the brightest in youth marketing.

Jason Bakker will be sharing experiences using guerilla media to deliver your message on campus in an action-packed pre-conference session on June 1, the Campus Case Study Slam. Joining him will be marketers from mtvU, Disney-ABC Television, MySpace Records and Levi Strauss, just to name a few.

Register with our special code CMG at mashup.ypulse.com and save 30%. That translates into a cost of just $662 for the full, two-day event-including your choice of three focused pre-conferences!

See you in San Francisco!