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Retail Marketing & Fashion with Polyvore

We’ve been helping our clients expand their presence with social media sites like Facebook. Through this, we have come across some very cool platforms, applications, and add-ons. One of the sites we like for the retail world is Polyvore.com. Clothing retailers and brands should be learning all they can about them and how to incorporate them into your site and social networking strategies. Look at their app for Facebook.

Polyvore defines themselves this way:

Express your style.

Mix & match products from your favorite stores.

Shop looks created by the web’s largest fashion community.

This is what it looks like –
She's walking down the street, Blind to every eye she meets..Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

She’s walking down the street, Blind to every eye she meets.. by maya3857 featuring Oasis bags

What does the site do? Polyvore allows people to create “sets” of clothes from different brands. The user/designer of the set is then able to add the set to their blog, share the set with the Polyvore community, buy the products in the set, and in the end, develop followers of the designers of the sets. It’s like having a virtual changing room with all of your favorite clothes from different designers in one place allowing you to mix and match.

Who should be on the site? Clothing brands of all kinds

Why should you be there? Thought leaders in fashion are engaging in the site. It’s primarily women right now.

Who develops the sets? Individual fashion enthusiasts and brands alike.

How to get involved? Contact us and we can help you out.  You can also sign up via their site.

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5 Ways to Keep Millennials Engaged at Work

Millennial WorkersIf you are hiring recent grads you are probably seeing that it can be hard to hold onto them longer than a couple years. It’s almost as if they get bored of the job as soon as they are ready to take on more responsibility. Here are a few ideas to help you though those challenges:
1. They see their jobs as more than just a job. They look at it as much more social. Allow them to connect with others on projects versus working solo.

2. Let them work on projects that are outside the company. Millennials see that a company being involved outside of the day-to-day get the job done work is important. Make sure that volunteering is part of your company culture and then let them be part of those committees or let them lead the social/volunteer aspects. Support from your company around giving back to the community is important. Giving back should be a team effort and needs to be backed by the leadership in your company. Also, make sure the person ultimately in charge of the volunteer/giving-back element is sitting down with him/her regularly regarding the activities. They millennial will feel much more engaged and part of the company.

3. Diversify their jobs by giving them different jobs that they can run with and/or own. These can be smaller jobs that after you’ve had a chance to sit down and talk to them about their plans/desires can be transferred to them. Also ensure that these “owned” jobs fit within their personal goals and interests. You’ll get better job performance when it does.

4. Graduates generally take a job with a company with the idea that they will only be there for a couple years and then move on. Be open and honest about that with them and feel free to ask about their plans for the future. Show them they are needed and encourage them to stay in the position longer as to better position themselves for success when they do decide to work for someone else.

5. Let young employees  have access to all levels of management. Millennials want to be able to ask the person who can give them the best information when they have a question. Today’s youth don’t care about chain of command and have no problem going directly to the president of the company to discuss their job.

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Spring 2010 College Fashion Trends for Women

The Mini

Gone are the baggy (forgiving) potato sack dresses of springs past, this year it’s all about short and tight. Start doing those squats!

Pictured (from left): Lauren Conrad, Hayden Panettiere


The 80’s Color Palette

The 80’s continue to dominate. While perms and shoulder pads have yet to sneak their way back in, the bright colors are definitely back! Fuchsias, Electric Blues, Emerald Greens,  Rich Yellows, and even the Metallics!

Pictured (from left): Megan Fox, Ashley Tisdale


The Cat-Eye Shades

The oversized ‘Mary Kate & Ashley Sunglasses’ haven’t seen their last season. However, this spring the cat-eye shades take the same old sunglasses and give them high corners – which makes for a more flirty and feminine look.

Pictured (from left): Jessica Biel, Hillary Duff


The Mixed Bangles

This isn’t about subtle accents, don’t be shy. Mix it up…different shapes, colors, and materials…it’s all in the wrist!

Pictured (from left): Nicole Richie, Kristin Cavallari

This isn’t about subtle accents, don’t be shy. Mix it up…different shapes, colors, and materials…it’s all in the wrist!________________________________________________________

The Cross-Body Bag

Let’s be honest…this is just so much easier! Hands-free chic, no arguments here.

Pictured (from left): Reese Witherspoon, Ashley Tisdale


The Boyfriend Jeans

Take a breather from the mini dress in your relaxed boyfriend jeans. Whether they are tapered or wide-legged, they should sit just above the ankle.

Pictured (from left): Rachel Bilson, Jennifer Aniston


The Ruffle

No need to go off the deep end with this one. A subtle ruffle can act as a very feminine accent…go too far and you’ll look like your grandma Irene dressed you.

Pictured (from left): Alyssa Milano, Miley Cyrus, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz

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