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Fall 2010 College Fashion Trends for Men

The Fitted Flannel

The baggy flannel says ‘I’ve spent the day choppin’ lumber n’ scratchin’ m’self’. The fitted flannel says ‘I’m ruggedly handsome, nbd’. One is way more popular with the ladies…and it’s not the baggy one.

Pictured: Two ruggedly handsome men, David Beckham & Brian Austin Green.


The Man Scarf

That’s right, men’s necks get cold too. ¬†So long as it’s not used as an¬†accessory, it’s totally legit to wear a man scarf.

Pictured: Two warm yet still manly men, Tom Brady & Usher.


The Fitted Graphic T

A great opportunity to not only display your “guns”, but also your likes, interests, opinions, and school spirit. How else is everyone supposed to know you love the Romones?!

Pictured: Two men with big guns and unique interests, Justin Timberlake & Zac Efron.


The Cardigan

Mr. Rogers was right, men look good in cardigans. Pair it with your ruggedly handsome fitted flannel and you’ll be a regular man about town!

Pictured: Two ruggedly handsome men about town, Brian Austin Green & David Beckham.


The Oversized Beanie

It’s simple, this is trendy because hat hair isn’t. The regular sized beenie fits snuggly to your head, smashing your hair down into an unsightly helmet. The oversized beanie keeps you warm, but skips the smashing.

Pictured: Two men with good hair, Zac Efron & David Beckham.

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