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Our take on Google search

We all know that a high page ranking with Google search engine results is essential to business. Here is our take on Google search. SEO tactics are always easier in theory, but we do have some practical tips to that may help. Remember, if you need some inspiration, you always have the Page Rank Rap to fall back on.

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Yep, this is happening. The Page Rank Rap.

It goes without saying that page rank is a huge part of online success for your business. It’s not always easy to remember all the tips and tricks that go into improving your rank, so Mo Serious here has enlightened us through his (ahem) gift of rap. Please Mo Serious, don’t auto-tune this. We love it as it is. The lyrics are right too, and will make your page rank pop.

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New Year’s resolutions for small local businesses in 2011:

1. I promise to hire a real designer to revamp my website, logo, and sell sheets.

2. I promise to rethink Facebook and ask if it’s really right for my business.

3. I promise to pick one social media channel and use it to build my reputation as an expert in what I do for a living.

4. I promise to collect information and feedback from my customers and ask their permission before sending them things.

5. I promise to not use Copperplate Gothic or Comic Sans for any reason whatsoever.

6. I promise to befriend two members of the local media and tell them a story about my business.

7. I promise to take one day off per week and do anything BUT work.

8. I promise to attend chamber of commerce meetings in the city where my business is located.

9. I promise to reward my best employees for their hard work. Even in a bad economy, good help is hard to find.

10. I promise to ask 20 people what the biggest problem with my business is and then do something to fix it.

11. I promise to find someone to help me with SEO and SEM and track my website traffic with Google analytics.

12. I promise to explore and test a way for my customers to use their phones to interact with my business before the year is over.

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