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Helping students deal with grief

PSA ad for Students of AMF
PSA ad for Students of AMF

Campus Media has launched a national PSA campaign for National Students of AMF on major campuses nationwide. Every year Campus Media selects one organization that has an important cause or message to share with students, and helps that organization get PSA placement in some of the nation’s top college newspapers free of charge.

National Students of AMF is dedicated to supporting college students coping with the illness or death of a loved one. The goal of this campaign is to help students to start chapters of Students of AMF on their campus and reach out to students dealing with grief support.

If you want to help this organization by running their PSA in your publication, please contact us today. To learn more, visit TalkAboutLoss.org. To see their recent visit to the Today Show, click here.

A BIG thanks for Crate for being our creative partner on this.

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