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Campus Advertising with SportBoards

SportBoards on campus
SportBoards also contain information about intramural sports and fitness class schedules.

Campus advertising just got easier for national brands. SportBoards are placed in high-traffic areas on campus such as fitness and recreational centers. National brands now have the ability to reach active and health-conscious college students through a channel that is university approved!

Your 21″x31″ ad is placed with info and announcements relevant to intramural sports, aerobics and fitness class schedules, and other campus activities. All production setup and costs are included in a network package, saving you time and money.

SportBoards like this are located in campus recreation & fitness centers

SportBoards by the numbers

  • 200 major campuses nationally
  • Reach: 10 million+ impressions per posting
  • 2.7 million college youth

Custom product sampling opportunities also exist inside the recreation and fitness centers. Be sure to ask us how you can get your product sample in the hands of millions of students in a controlled environment.

Click here or call 952-854-3100 ext. 214 today to request a list of campuses, posting periods, and pricing options.

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ACIS and Campus Media Group partner to deliver college SportBoards™ to national advertisers

ACIS, the leader in American Collegiate Intramural Sports and national college marketing company, Campus  Media Group have partnered to offer national brands SportBoards™ advertising that leverages universities’ intramural and fitness infrastructure.

SportBoard advertising on campus

SportBoards™ are located at nearly 200 colleges and universities nationwide are prominently placed in recreation and fitness centers on campus. Along with poster-sized advertising space, SportBoards™ contain information relevant to the active student’s life including intramural sports schedules, aerobic class information, and other recreational sports information.

“Providing a way for brands to get in front of athletic college students in a positive and University approved way has always been a goal of ours,” said Joel Eisfelder, Director of Media for Campus Media.” SportBoards reach millions of college students every week, and at a lower cost than magazines, radio, or television” said Eisfelder.

The partnership between ACIS and Campus Media Group announced today allows ACIS to concentrate fully on developing custom brand sponsorships of their Intramural Sports and Fitness programs.

“We are excited to team up with Campus Media Group to expand the reach of our ACIS SportBoards property to new national advertisers,” said Allen Patapoff, Vice President of Client Services for ACIS.

According to ACIS, nearly 1 million college students participate in some form of recreational sports or fitness every day.

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