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Back-to-School Marketing News

Coker College Move In Day
Coker College Move In Day

Activity is ramping up for campus planning, and there are lots of new updates you should be aware of.

College Marketing Notes:

We now have the ability to target the parents of college students nationwide with opt-in email. Email campaigns for parents will be handled the same way as our student email programs, so request a fresh count today.

  • QR codes are all the rage. If you haven’t experimented with QR codes yet, now is the time. We can help you generate QR codes and consult with you on how to use them in your college marketing this fall. There’s no charge. Just call us, and we’ll be happy to share what we know.
  • College football will be hot! If your client or brand would tie in well with college football, then let us know. We can kick off your project with special football issues in campus newspapers, tailgating promotions, alumni email blasts and local bar/restaurant promotions before and after games.
  • We recently partnered with YOUniversityTV to offer online video advertising that reaches millions of high school teens and community college students. If you haven’t seen this yet, check it out here. It’s new, it’s cool, and we’re the ones to talk to if you want to start a program.
  • Go Greek! It’s no secret that those in a fraternity or sorority have enormous influence on campus. If you want to reach this group, we have postal lists available for thousands of Greek houses across the country. We can help with custom sampling, mailings, door hangers, event sponsorship, and more.
  • Know of a nonprofit in need? We are now taking applications for our annual College Newspaper PSA Program. This program gets one lucky organization exposure in hundreds of campus newspapers across the U.S. for the entire school year. The deadline is August 30, so help us spread the word.

Need other ideas for reaching college students this fall? We have a media kit full of ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Request one today.

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Increasing the Odds

College Marketing
College marketing event contest

5 tips for developing a successful sweepstakes or contest

Youth marketers want college kids to interact with their brand, to participate in something with them, and, ultimately, become a lifelong customer. What usually follows is a plan to build a contest around the chance to win a worthwhile prize by doing this, that, and the other. Brands hope that dangling a “cool” enough carrot in front of college kids will result in tons of them jumping through hoops for a chance to win it. What’s often lost in the planning process are some important considerations for increasing your own odds for success and participation.

Remove the hurdles. Want to know how to get zero entries for your next sweepstakes or contest promotion? Ask people to sell out five of their “closest” friends’ names and emails. Ask entrants to commit to a trial subscription that they can cancel at any time. Or, how about this one: Ask them to sit through a seminar. Most customers are inherently lazy when it comes to entering contests. It’s not wrong to want them to perform an action to participate or earn their entry; just make sure the request is reasonable for what they might win. Also, give them multiple ways to enter.

Make your prize attainable. Sometimes, an offer may seem too good to be true. If your contest prize is too grandiose, it may be ignored. People think, “I’ll never win this, so why bother?”  Youth are fickle when it comes to contests and ploys for their attention. A good strategy is reallocate the budget for one large prize into groups of smaller, more attainable prizes. For college students, for instance, you could make your contest more localized (i.e., one prize per campus) to give the impression that they are in closer proximity to your brand and have better odds of winning.

Make your prizes remarkable. The best things to win are the things you can’t go and buy. Think about offering something one-of-a-kind that only you can provide or using your power to arrange the experience of a lifetime. Think big. College kids won’t get excited about the chance to win an iPod or free movie tickets.  They would, however, do unthinkable things to have lunch with Steve Jobs or play a bit part in a real Hollywood movie.

Keep it on the up and up Don’t get cute with your terms, privacy statement, deadlines and restrictions. Be honest and up front about what you are doing, and announce your winner(s) in a very public way on the date you say you will. People want to know if they won, who won, etc.  Let them know. This transparency helps ensure that you didn’t hand select your cousin’s kid as the winner.

Promote it! A contest can rarely stand on its own. Unless the grand prize is completely unique it’s not going to “go viral.” Cultivating participation will take some advertising budget to get the word out. Remember, your passionate fans may not want to spread the word about your contest as a strategy to boost their odds of winning.

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Nonverbal communifashion

Our friends at the The Commonwealth Times at Virginia Commonwealth University have created a good video that gives us a glimpse of some fashion trends on their campus. Campus Media has always stuck to our mantra that the college market is not homogeneous and that danger lurks for brands that make assumptions on GenY as a whole based on observations of a small few. However, there is value in looking and listening to college youth on the street to gain insight and understanding.  This video does that in regards to fashion and reminds us that youth fashion is an outward expression of how they feel on the outside. Where they shop and dress is almost a kind of nonverbal communication. Communifashion.

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