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BRAD: Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm

Berkeley student, Derek Lowe, designed and implemented a fully automated dorm room with lots of cool features. The room can be controlled with a remote, a smartphone app, a tablet app, or by voice. The lights, curtains, and alarm clock are all fully automated and have multiple modes, including “Romantic Mode” and “Party Mode.” I’m assuming these aren’t actually used very often, but I appreciate the optimism.


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For college majors, engineering dominates the pay scale

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TIME magazine just came out with a list of the 20 best and worst paid college majors.  The salaries range from $29,000 to $120,000 for entry-level positions; so before you declare a major check out the list:

Highest Earning:

  1.  Petroleum Engineering-$120,000
  2.  Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration-$105,000
  3.  Mathematics and Computer Sciences-$98,000
  4.  Aerospace Engineering-$87,000
  5.  Chemical Engineering-$86,000
  6.  Electrical Engineering-$85,000
  7.  Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering-$82,000
  8.  Mechanical Engineering-$80,000
  9.  Metallurgical Engineering-$80,000
  10.  Mining and Mineral Engineering-$80,000

Lowest Earning:

  1. Counseling and Psychology-$29,000
  2. Early Childhood Education-$36,000
  3. Theology and Religious Vocations-$38,000
  4. Human Services and Community Organizations-$38,000
  5. Social Work-$39,000
  6. Drama and Theater Arts-$40,000
  7. Studio Arts-$40,000
  8. Communication-Disorders Sciences and Services-$40,000
  9. Visual and Performing Arts-$40,000
  10. Health and Medical Preparatory Programs-$40,000

Looks like the old stereotype still rings true; the nerds shall inherit and rule the earth!

Here’s a link to the article in its entirety

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