Sorority Sisters Arrested For Ganking a Nativity Scene

Sorority Sisters Arrested For Ganking a Nativity Scene
Photo: The Smoking Gun


A quintet of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters came up with like, the best crime idea, like, EVER!

Five female students at Monmouth College in Illinois were recently arrested after stealing statues of Mary, Joseph, the Baby Jesus and several stable animals from a nativity scene in their town’s square and dumping them on the lawn of their college’s president. It’s a Christmas miracle — that they didn’t get expelled.

The quintet of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters allegedly stole statues of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and several stable animals during the manger raid last week, according to police. The stolen figurines were recovered by cops on the lawn of the school’s president.

The ladies were busted early Friday, after they apparently (and unsurprisingly) hatched the plot following a visit to a local tavern.

The cops tracked down their getaway vehicle behind a Taco Bell (exactly where I can be found hiding after a night at the bar – and by “bar” I mean Applebee’s), and when confronted, the ladies the fessed up to their crime.

The girls booked on charges of misdemeanor theft. Their mughots above are directly below a photo from better, less inebriated times. Merry Christmas kids. You’ve made Mom and Dad proud.

(via The FW and Smoking Gun)

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2 thoughts on “Sorority Sisters Arrested For Ganking a Nativity Scene

  1. The story reads as all accused as members of Kappa Kappa Gamma, not true. One of the accused belongs to another sorority of this college.

    No mention of hazing here? How does a girl who was called to drive them home counter (who’s ever decision is was) to possibly say, “Before we head back to campus, we want to stop and pick up a present for the president.” Especially when you have the leadership of the chapter president of her chapter, along with their new incoming chapter president, in her vehicle?

    Talk about peer pressure!!! (Accept whatever the judge accords you, show remorse, stay away from stating those girls have ruined your chances of acquiring teaching certification with this fiasco). Lesson learned? Don’t take late night calls asking for a ride to campus; tell them to walk! Taxi rides back to campus at closing times for the bars never seemed to be a problem before in Monmouth.

    1. Your rambling on, none of this concerns anyone outside of your circle of friends. Just be glad you were not in the car. 1st degree misdemenor is a serious crime.

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