For college majors, engineering dominates the pay scale

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TIME magazine just came out with a list of the 20 best and worst paid college majors.  The salaries range from $29,000 to $120,000 for entry-level positions; so before you declare a major check out the list:

Highest Earning:

  1.  Petroleum Engineering-$120,000
  2.  Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration-$105,000
  3.  Mathematics and Computer Sciences-$98,000
  4.  Aerospace Engineering-$87,000
  5.  Chemical Engineering-$86,000
  6.  Electrical Engineering-$85,000
  7.  Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering-$82,000
  8.  Mechanical Engineering-$80,000
  9.  Metallurgical Engineering-$80,000
  10.  Mining and Mineral Engineering-$80,000

Lowest Earning:

  1. Counseling and Psychology-$29,000
  2. Early Childhood Education-$36,000
  3. Theology and Religious Vocations-$38,000
  4. Human Services and Community Organizations-$38,000
  5. Social Work-$39,000
  6. Drama and Theater Arts-$40,000
  7. Studio Arts-$40,000
  8. Communication-Disorders Sciences and Services-$40,000
  9. Visual and Performing Arts-$40,000
  10. Health and Medical Preparatory Programs-$40,000

Looks like the old stereotype still rings true; the nerds shall inherit and rule the earth!

Here’s a link to the article in its entirety

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One thought on “For college majors, engineering dominates the pay scale

  1. I totally agree with this post and why don’t they give you this information before you enroll to college and while you are in college. I think I would have chosen engineering if I was a little more into science but since I chose finance I left college and found myself not fulfilling my education after school. Oh well, what I do now is making the bills and exciting but could have used this info before enrolling in college.

    Thanks for the article,


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