Best Senior Prank Ever

The old cup prank never seems to die. It involves carefully placing half-filled cups of water over an entire area making it impassable and a major pain to clean up. This time of year, students all over the country are pulling this prank on their schools, and their roommates. It’s one of the best student pranks ever, unless you are a janitor. Not sure where this one happened, but apparently it was a high school.

Cup Prank at School
Said to be done at a high school. Unknown school.

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8 thoughts on “Best Senior Prank Ever

  1. And, It was on the English hallway. Our Principal, Mr. Nolan, was not happy about it. The seniors involved tried to cover the security cameras with duck tape, but they failed. The seniors involved had to come to school on that following Saturday and clean and work around the school. If they didn’t come they wouldn’t graduate with their class. They’d simply have to stop by the office and pick up their diploma.

  2. im proud to have been apart of this, it was truly a big accomplishment for us all through out our entire SHS career.

    ill never forget all my friend i made there…Love you guys.

    class of 2011

  3. BTW there was also a alarm clock duck taped somewhere in the middle of all that on a door with the alarm set to 6am when all the teachers (most) arrive in the morning..


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