Celebrity Brand Ambassadors – College Sports Edition

As I was leafing through my US Weekly last week I came across a photo of Joel Madden in head to toe Hoosier gear that left this IU alumna beaming with Hoosier pride. Now, I am fully aware that it wasn’t Justin Timberlake or Kim Kardashian, but still ….waaay cooler than Jared the Subway guy (who lived in an apartment above a Subway on campus) or Mark Cuban (whose love for Hoosier basketball was the catalyst in making him a millionaire many many times over).

Let’s face it, celebrities are the highest paid and usually the most efficient (not always) brand ambassadors in town.

Exhibit A: The Kardashian marketing machine.Exhibit A: The Kardashian marketing machine.

So, here are some celebs who show their college sports alliance with pride, free of charge….we think…

Fans and Alumni (from  top left): Trojan Will Ferrell, Cardinal Tiger Woods, Golden Bear Adam Duritz, (from bottom left) Wildcat Ashley Judd, Hawkeye Ashton Kutcher and Longhorn Matthew McConaughey

Hometown Fans: Tiger Justin Timberlake, Bearcat Nick Lachey and Trojan Snoop Dogg

At the very least fans of the apparel: Longhorn Jessica Simpson, Hoosier Joel Madden, and Husky Lindsay Lohan

Has trouble committing, but loves the hats: Leonardo DiCaprio

Just to clarify…if you do not see your team represented in any of the photos above…then, I’m sorry, but that means they suck.

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