Ruby Isle – Appetite for Destruction

GnR Cover

Here’s a link to the free download of Ruby Isle cover album Appetite for Destruction. The synth-tastic rendition of the dirty Guns n’ Roses classic bangs and pops under the direction of Mallman, Dan Geller and drummer Aaron Lemay, achieving the rare balance of faithful enough for recognition and unique enough to stand alone. The record has been floating around in performance and leaked tracks for about a year now, picking up positive reviews and is finally getting a proper CD release on Saturday, 1/29 at the Triple Rock. Also on that bill are Me and My Arrow, New Century Masters and Total Babe, so it’s going to cover a lot of musical ground and tick off a lot of decades.


If you are a Guns fan, or an electronica geek with a flavor for some 80’s nostalgia, I recommend this album. Oh, and the Sweet Child cover features Har Mar Superstar.

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