New OK Go Video – “White Knuckles”

OK Go may have created a monster with its first video for the song Here It Goes Again.” This is the video that featured the band members doing dance moves on treadmills in perfect timing to the song. It basically got everyone excited about the band again. ANYWAY … now, they have to top their last video with every subsequent one because the first so cool. And let’s face it, would we  care about a new OK Go song without these little visual masterpieces?

To the band’s credit, they have kept it going. Their second video includes an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine that was set to motion in one unbroken camera shot. It’s got 17 million-plus views so far.

The newest music video for the song White Knuckles involves dogs, and because of that, it is our video pick of the week. It already has 3 million views, but here it is if you missed it when it first made the rounds.

BTW – Does anyone think this song sounds like Prince?

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