Arcade Fire pimps out the Googs for new interactive video

Arcade Fire

This week’s Video of the Week pick is less of a video and more of an experience. It comes in the form of Arcade Fire’s new video for the songWe Used to Waitoff of their superb, recently released album The Suburbs. It is more of an “interactive interpretation”, and unlike any music video we’ve ever seen. It begins by prompting you to enter in the address of your childhood home, and with the use Google maps, satellite images and a number of different browser windows, takes you on a nostalgic ride set to a song about the fast pace of today’s society. I am of the opinion that Arcade Fire can basically do no wrong (I’m what one might call “obsessed”), but they outdid themselves with this piece of innovative video. This choose-your-own adventure style of interactivity is catching on. We fully expect other artists and brands to follow suit.

Heads up: You’ll need to download Google Chrome to be able to watch it, but it’s worth it (apparently Safari works as well).

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One thought on “Arcade Fire pimps out the Googs for new interactive video

  1. wow. what a shock to the gut this is. My advice is be sitting down and be ready. I will find out more about these guys other than I know they are getting a lot of buzz and aclaim

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