Building Your Recruitment Brand – Tool 1: Career Centers

Recruitment Advertising on Campus
Source: Hollins University

I know, I know. It’s not a “new” way to recruit students, but career centers are a key location on campus that may have more recruitment advertising options than you would assume. Campus career centers usually have full time staff who help students with all things job related: resume writing, interviewing, updates on who’s hiring and when, career direction, etc. They also help the companies recruiting on campus by setting up interview events, campus visits, professors or departmental outreach, career fairs, and online job posting opportunities.

Student outreach opportunities at career centers on campus tend not to be very exciting, and most companies simply do the same thing year in and year out at their target schools.  I encourage you to ask the campus career centers what other branding options exist, or suggest a new way to customize your presence there. You might be surprised how receptive they’ll be.

Custom recruitment event and career center tactics:

  • If you have a long-lasting relationship with a school, you may want to approach them about naming rights or sponsorship of interview rooms or the center itself.
  • Send custom giveaways to the career center staff (branded pens, custom Post-it note pads, note pads, calendars etc.)
  • Custom emails sent to students from the career center about new opportunities or recruitment events with your company
  • Create co-branded career center shirts with the name of the school on the front and your brand on the sleeve. Give them to staff at your recruitment schools.
  • If the career center has a mentoring program, get involved. If they don’t have one, create one.
  • Send posters and literature stands to the career center with a request to have them displayed.
  • Arrange for custom messages on the career center Facebook page and via the school’s  Twitter account
  • If you are really creative, look at supplying the career centers with branded furniture (tables & chairs), floor mats, or magazine/literature racks.

If you have examples of how a company can work with campus career centers, please comment below.

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