16 Tools to Building Your Recruitment Brand – NACE Presentation

I gave a presentation called the “16 Tools to Build Your Recruitment Brand: Hiring the Very Best Students” at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) conference on June 2, 2010. Due to the interest in this topic and lack of time a presentation can give, I wanted to continue the discussion online with those of you who have more to say. Each week for the next 17 weeks I’ll post in more detail about each area discussed at NACE. For those of you who want to follow along, here are the areas I’ll cover.

Gen Y Job Seekers

1. Career Centers – How to leverage campus career centers for recruitment

2. Career Fairs – A new look at how to participate and engage with students through career fairs

3. Information Sessions – How to host information sessions for today’s GenY

4. Group Sponsorships – Leveraging campus organizations and student groups

5. Mentor Programs – Should you develop an internal mentor program or use the university mentor program or both.

6. Speaking Opportunities – Making your voice be heard on campus

7. Office Tours – How show and tell of your workplace creates buzz

8. Virtual College Fairs – Casting your net in the digital age

9. Company Websites – How first impressions set the tone for your next conversation

10.  Email – Use of targeted student email lists for recruiting

11. Facebook – How Facebook should be utilized for recruiting

12. LinkedIn – How LinkedIn is more than just connections

13. YouTube Channels – How video can elevate your brand image and put you in control

14. Campus Marketing and Media – Tactics and advertising channels that work for recruiters

15. Career Blogs – How you need to be part of the conversation

16. Mobile – The time is now. No more excuses.

I also plan to cover the steps every company should take to develop a successful marketing and recruitment plan.

I’m looking for feedback from both the employer/brand side, and the career center/university side. If you have other ideas of topics you’d like to discuss, please let me know and we’ll start a discussion around that too.

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