Shameful Celebrity Spokespeople

Some celebrities will do anything for a paycheck these days.  From hawking nuts to yogurt to cheap Italian denim, some celebs will stand behind any product that’s tossing a paycheck their way.  Unfortunately the brands are the real losers here, because these awkward juxtapositions often leave consumers bewildered rather than impressed.  Here is a list of the more recent celebrity spokesperson debacles we wish we’d never been subjected to:

Jamie Lee Curtis, Activia

jamie lee curtis activia

Activiaaaaaaa! Who can forget the annoying jingle associated with this digestive-friendly Dannon yogurt.  If the jingle doesn’t stick in your head for days, perhaps Jamie Lee Curtis’s cheesy grins and awkward mentions of “occasional irregularity” will. According to the ad, 87% of this country suffers from digestive issues.    Perhaps a more important statistic is one pointed out in Youtube video comment – that 87% of this country suffers from bad commercials such as this one.  The ad has been spoofed numerous times on the video sharing site, as well as a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Ashton Kutcher, Amy Poehler, and Judy Grimes.

Lindsay Lohan, Fornarina

If your dad makes an appearance on the Maury show to discuss your addiction to prescription drugs, you probably aren’t anyone’s top pick for celebrity spokesperson.  This must be why Lindsay Lohan stooped low enough to star in a now-infamous commercial for Fornarina, a low-end Italian clothing line.  Even though the Maury incident occurred well after this commercial was filmed, Lohan’s appearance in the ad was seen as just another sad attempt for the out-of-work actress to earn a paycheck .  The trippy, bizarre commercial (which is hardly distinguishable as a clothing ad) was mocked by almost every celebrity news site imaginable.

Kirstie Alley, Jenny Craig


Kirstie Alley started off as a perfect spokesperson for the weight loss program.  Since beginning the diet in 2004, the actress claimed she lost 75 pounds and maintained the weight loss for over a year.  However, in early 2008, photos surfaced of the once-healthy Alley looking more like her old, fat self.  Eventually a Jenny Craig spokesperson announced that Alley would “no longer appear in future advertising endeavors” for the brand, and that she would “pass the maintenance baton” to Valerie Bertinelli, former soap star and ex-wife of Eddie Van Halen.  We’re sure Alley’s failure to keep the weight off thrilled Jenny Craig execs,  who no doubt paid her big bucks to tout the program’s success.

Levi Johnston, Wonderful Pistachios

Levi Johnston has stretched his 15 minutes of fame more than any “celebrity” out there, and the 19-year-old baby daddy is showing no signs of slowing down. Bristol Palin’s former fiancé began by posing for GQ, and now the Alaskan stud appears in the October issue of Vanity Fair and even an upcoming issue of Playgirl.  In a new commercial for Wonderful Pistachios, Johnston is seen munching on pistachios alongside a bodyguard.  “Now Levi Johnston does it with protection,” reads the tagline.  We bet Bristol does too, after she saw how quickly Johnston turned from family man to famewhore.

Kim Kardashian, QuickTrim

kim k quick trim

Only Kim Kardashian would shamelessly promote a weight loss supplement during her own sister’s wedding.  In a recent issue of OK! magazine, which featured Khloe Kardashian’s wedding to Lamar Odom on the cover, Kim lamented how tight her dress was and how fitting into it involved a “lot of QuickTrim.”  Members of the Kardashian clan are no strangers to self-promoting at any chance they get, so why would a sacred event like a wedding be any different?  Kim has also mentioned the product numerous times on her website, her twitter page, and during her many paid appearances.  She claimed that official endorsement offers from QuickTrim came after she began to promote it by her own means, but we aren’t sure we buy that claim.  Plus, Kim’s not fooling anyone – it takes a lot more than a diet pill to look that hot.

Jon Gosselin, Ed Hardy

jon goss ed hardy

Ok, so Jon Gosselin does not officially represent  the clothing line…yet.  But he may as well, seeing as the brand has become synonymous with douchebaggery and everything else Jon Gosselin stands for.  Ever since Jon began to sport the label’s tees all over town, he’s become the unofficial spokesperson for Christian Audigier’s tattoo-inspired designs.  He even partied aboard Audigier’s yacht in Saint Tropez, alongside his 22-year-old girlfriend Hailey Glassman.  At one point the deadbeat dad was in talks to design a children’s clothing line for the brand, but that offer must have fizzled, along with Jon’s desire to be a responsible husband and parent.

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  1. Fantastically cleaver and such a well-written article, Campus Media Group! Three cheers for you! But what about David Spade?! I mean, he did a fabulous job of exploiting his buddy the late Chris Farley for the “loser brand” Direc tv – he shouldn’t be left out!

  2. Wow-very nice blog. Very descriptive in the way you slam celebrity sell-out-ism. Keep these up! Looking foward to more.

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