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A  lot can be said (and has been said) about the effectiveness of email marketing to college students. Do college kids even use email anymore? Are they receptive to email marketing messages? Despite what you might think of email, we feel it can still be a very effective tool for reaching college students. We have executed a variety of email marketing campaigns geared towards youth. We have seen success when brands take a pragmatic approach and adhere to some basic rules for email design.

Focus on the call to action

First, identify your goal for the email and then determine what you want your subscribers to do. Carry this through from the subject line to the email design and landing page. Keep the call to action simple, prominent and near the top of your message.

Craft your subject line carefully

Make sure the context and benefit of your message is clearly communicated and matches the content within the email. The main message should be front-loaded, within the first 30 characters, so that it comes across in various email clients and devices.

Design for the preview pane/mobile devices

The majority of email users view messages in a preview pane or on a mobile device. The one space that will always show is the upper left corner; use it first and foremost to identify your brand.

Remember image blocking

Image blocking happens more often than not, design with that in mind. When graphics are used, make sure to use alternative image attributes (alt tags) to convey the message as intended. Graphics should comprise no more that 40 % of your email message.

Email success can also depend on your name recognition, timing of delivery, targeting factors, frequency of deployments, and its combined use with other media. If you want to reach students with email, contact us today.

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About Jason Bakker

Jason Bakker is a native Minnesotan and has been working in the area of youth marketing for nearly a decade. He currently works with Minneapolis based Campus Media Group as the Director of Marketing and is responsible for following trends in the ever-changing landscape of youth culture and media usage, and for consulting advertising agency and national brand professionals on how to develop integrated marketing programs that reach college youth.