Back-to-school Bounce Back?

trio_kids_28_smallLast year, teenagers were probably dumbfounded when they set out to get summer jobs and found few to choose from; 2008 had the lowest teen employment rate in 60 years. It’s a pretty good assumption that this summer will be just as bad, if not worse. This means less money for teens to spend at our nation’s malls. A recent report by Piper Jaffery & Co. said teens have cut their clothing budgets by 14% in the past six months. Will this trend continue into the back-to-school buying season? This cut in spending should remind us that teens have the ability to prioritize their purchases, and some brands are going to lose out. But don’t be too quick to think that it’s all based on price. Teens will still drop $120 on a pair of jeans if they think they have to have them. They’ll just make up for it somewhere else. This reality is already making back-to-school planning a challenge. So, what should youth brand marketers do?

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About Jason Bakker

Jason Bakker is a native Minnesotan and has been working in the area of youth marketing for nearly a decade. He currently works with Minneapolis based Campus Media Group as the Director of Marketing and is responsible for following trends in the ever-changing landscape of youth culture and media usage, and for consulting advertising agency and national brand professionals on how to develop integrated marketing programs that reach college youth.