CNBAM 2009


Rolling right off the annual CMA conference, Campus Media staff made the trek to Charlotte, North Carolina for the College Newspaper Business and Advertising Managers conference, known in the biz as CNBAM.  We managed to enjoy ourselves in the Queen City, despite the fact that the weather was no different from Minnesota’s – cold, rainy, and generally grey.  Nonetheless, we brightened up the conference with our fabulous new ad management system, which we showcased to newspaper staff and advisers from all over the U.S.  The Spam Singles we gave away were a hit – yet again – along with the many entertaining guest speakers and information sessions.  All the talent in the house really got us thinking about our ever-changing industry, so we brainstormed a few new ways to really increase our clients’ visibility in the marketplace.  Get ready to see some exciting new developments in ’09…

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